Sunday, July 27, 2008

And the finishing touch!

Here are the 'little princesses' or 'Fancy Nancies' dressed in their dad's duds! I think they look a little more like cute hoboes here! Cute hair, girlies!


The Crebs Family said...

One outfit looks like Trevors, but the one on Abby has to be grandpas. Unless they have matching shirts and belts...which is very possible. So cute girlies!

Rob & Linder said...

Now that is what I like to see. Looks like the princesses are into Hip Hop. Maybe they are just tellin gramps that they like to fit in better the to the enviroment around then.
Marilyn you Rock!!!!

Porter Family said...

I think, Linds, you might know that they really are Trevor's duds, and he just got his fashion sense from dad. Or, dad gives him some hand-me-downs. Man, I love the braids. Those fancies rock.