Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh, yeah...Darbye came home!

We were not technically late to the airport, but Darbye was already there, so we WERE late to greet here. Thankfully, Jeremy and Amy were there to greet her! But, we do have pictures to prove that we did get to the airport to pick her up! Here are Ramona, Caleb and Alyssa at the airport to greet Darbye.

Dad was happy to see his youngest daughter home safe and sound!
Another Ramona and Cousins picture!

It's been good to have Darbye home for the last couple of weeks. She is working hard and we are especially happy to have her here for Christmas! Woo-hoo!


Porter Family said...

Mmmmm. Is the room here dusty or did Dad's hug kinda just get you right *here*?

Tamar and Trevor said...

I am so glad aut Darbye got home safley.That is funny that you were late.