Saturday, May 2, 2009

On the down hill slope!

School is almost out! Can you believe it? I survived the Performing Arts Night (comments were positive...) and the First Grade Program (again, comments were positive except for the one 5th grader who said it was 'boring'.) Well, I didn't have time to do the 'fish' program and collect a bunch of costumes and stuff! Give me a break! (I'm not insulted or anything, just explaining myself!)
Anyway, next up is the Kindergarten program on May 13 (the day after the Special Chorus sings for the volunteer appreciation breakfast) and then we have the recorder recital on May 27th. I just hope I can get those kids ready for the recital - we've just GOT to be able to play more than 'Hot Cross Buns'! We'll just hit songs like 'Zippy Toad' and 'B A Superhero' really hard for the next couple of weeks!
Next year CAN'T be this hard!
Summer is already getting packed up with Coeurimba dates! We are even having the luxury of turning down some dates! How cool are we!? Oh, it's nice to be loved!