Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shovelin' in a Winter Wonderland!

Well, the house is quiet again now that all the kids and grandkids have scattered to the four winds! But Gramma and Gramps aren't just sitting around with nothing to do! No-sirree-bob! We got a big storm last night, so Gramps decided to get his new-fangled snow shovel out for a test drive, so Gramma had to go out, too and make sure Gramps didn't injure himself (at least this way, if he did, she could injure herself, too, and he couldn't be the only one sitting in the house moaning!).
Well, so far, so good. We helped another lady in the ward who had hurt herself even though she was using a snowblower. We went out with another couple and, with shovels in hand, cleared her driveway for her. Then we went by Gramma Shar's house, and sure enough, her's was deep in snow, so we started to shovel there, too. It proved to be a little too much for the two of us, so we drove around until we found Jake from the Country Club out plowing, and Steve jumped in with him to go out doing good the easier (and less painful) way!
Anyway, we thought you all would like to see how the house looks with the snow, penguins to the left, and sled and train to the right. It really is a winter wonderland, and we love it here. Snow is beautiful! Have a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning finally arrived. Payson, Ashlyn, Ava and their parents and grandparents were so excited to get to the presents! But we had to wait for Aunt Darbye to call, so it wasn't until about 10 AM before we actually got to the paper-ripping! First, Payson gets to try on his new chef's hat. Then, Ahslyn decides to play with the wrappings and bows, and looks cute no matter what she's doing! (and she knows it!)
Ava got the present thing figured out, too. She really liked the tissue - it made for some interesting and fun times!

In this Porter family picture, Paysons father (the most responsible member of the family...) was showing Payson how to blow up and use the new 'woopie cushion' he got from his Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Riley. You can't imagine the giggles that cascaded from Payson! I think it was the perfect gift! Way to go, guys!
And here is Lindsay posing with her "married girls" present. She loves being on of the 'grown-ups' now! What a fun Christmas! Maybe we'll see you ALL next Christmas?

Christmas Eve Extravaganza at Suzie's house

Miss Mona and Gramma Francis couldn't believe all the food! What fun to see her having a good time watching all the kids!
Ava had a good dinner, then she was ready for a nap - as you can see, she has her Grandpa's ear in her hand so she can relax and get ready to sleep!
Brinley and McKenna played the piano for the talent show in the 'little theatre' in Suzie's basement.
Uncle Bob had to do a command performance of his 'Aerobic' version of Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You". Too fun!!!
And then there was the 'angel choir' to wrap up all the festivities. What fun to have family together for Christmas.

Ava's first birthday!

Ava had a few friends (cousins) over for cake for her birthday - a few days before Christmas (Dec. 20) Here are Papa, cousin McKenna and Ava waiting patiently for the first bite of cake! Ava had a cake all her own to eat with her hands! This is the 'before' picture....

This is kind of an 'after' picture. Shortly after this was taken, Ava dived face first into the cake! What a fun party girl!
And after all that (and a sponge bath....) it was time to open presents! This birthday stuff is F-U-N!!! We love Ava!