Monday, August 23, 2010


Apparently I have to download a CD and study it before I can add the photos from Dad's new camera onto the computer.... Anyone want to make a quicker suggestion? I've got the camera hooked up to the computer, but nothing happens... so, I guess I'm just going to have to do some studying - except that I was hoping to get this done quickly since I've got LOTS to do (big surprise...) and there's a picture of Ashlyn meeting ARIEL, for crying out loud! We've got to get that on the blog!

Help me, Obewan! You're my only hope! (whoever you are now...)

Disneyland! (with SEVEN grandkids!!!)

Wednesday and Thursday we spent time at Disneyland with Ava and Vivian and their parents (Lindsay and Riley) so we could have it all scoped out for when the other grandkids came on Friday!!!

Here is a shot of Ava taking her grandpa on a bumper car ride at "Tuck and Roll" in the Bug's Life area at California Adventure on Thursday. Looks like F-U-N!!!

The Carousel was a favorite - either the disney one with all of the beautiful horses, or the one with all the sea creatures at California Adventure. They were both high on the list of 'we-gotta-do-that-again'!
Aren't fairies supposed to be SMALLER than average kids? They look pretty tall here!
I thought it was so cute to see these fairies having such a serious 'fairy' discussion with Ava. If I remember correctly, they were discussing when she would get her wings!
And then there's "Baby Vivvy" as Ashlyn liked to call her. She was very happy that Gramma wanted a Mickey Mouse ice cream treat. She was intent on getting her fair share! I think we even got a better picture the next day when she got another one!