Sunday, March 1, 2009

Faith and Begorrah! Lindsay did it again!

Thanks to Lindsay for the beautiful Irish background for my page! I thought for sure that the 'Little People' had paid me a fine visit already and done a good trick for me! Instead, one of my favorite people in all the world had done it! How nice!
I had the very good fortune of attending a workshop for most of the day yesterday in Spokane called "Moving the Musical Mind". Oh! I am SO INSPIRED by how music, done in the right way, can make HUGE changes for people of ALL AGES!!! I want to try some new stuff out on the grandkids when we get to see them for Spring Break! It's all fun stuff, and I'll bring some cool, new 'toys' with me, too! I am so lucky to have this all fall in my lap! What a cool way to change from 'empty-nester' to 'gainfully employed grandma'!!! I'm having a wonderful experience, and things just keep getting more and more interesting all the time! Just wait until I teach you guys the "Brain Dance". It's so cool, and you won't even notice you are doing good things for your brain! It's just really well-desguised as fun! I'm loving this!
Happy "second-most-important-holiday-in-the-whole-year" month!!!