Monday, August 20, 2007

The First Annual 'Griffers' tournament

The guys wanted to call this the First Annual 'Boys beat the Girls' tournament, but Kathy suggested a more suitable name, combining both Meeker and Griffitts for 'Griffers'. That was a particularly good idea since the 'Cutie Par-tooties' beat the 'Lemonade Boys' by more than I'm sure they'd care for me to share on a public blog! So, here we are while we are all still speaking to eachother - before the first tee shot was undertaken! We actually went out to a restaurant dressed alike afterward, and there was at least one person who was seen telling her husband 'don't be obvious, but you just have to check out what the men sitting at the next table are wearing!' People always seem to take notice of us when we are in public....

Hayden Lake Country Club Centennial

Bill and Kathy Meeker took care of Steve for the Centennial Celebration while I was visiting grandchildren in Illinois.
They are true friends. Kathy said she was told not to smile since that was the way it was done 100 years ago, but she wasn't happy with the results!

How cute is he? No wonder we have stayed married for 30 years!

"The boys" on the green after a tough round of golf. I think they'd had enough of the paparazzi. Bill looks like he's ready to take the camera out of Kathy's hands! Although it seems that they decided to take their fame in stride and let the cameras continue to click away!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Give a little love to Grandma and Grandpa G!

So I decided to take it upon myself, since I know mom's password, cause after all I am the one who set it up for her, to start their blog. This way they are not embarrassed if someone were to link to them and realize there is nothing on their blog. I thought that she might enjoy a cute picture of her Grandchildren (wearing the clothes that she made them). And a nice one taken about two years ago with Darbye (thier favorite daughter :)
I think that mom might start taking this blog thing seriously soon, because this morning on our walk she was asking questions all about blogs and are they for pictures, or words, or what....
Hopefully we will start a fire under Grandma and their will be no stopping the blog queen, so let's all give a little love to Grandma and Grandpa for having the strength to join the blogging revolution!!!