Thursday, December 25, 2008

The last 3 months: First, Coeurimba Bunco Party!

Sometime in October or November (it's been so long I can't remember exactly...) we hosted a Coeurimba Bunco party at our home for the members of 'the band' and their families. It was so much fun we kept talking about it for weeks! Dan Powel is showing off his prize globe.... Tina was hoping Bob would pick this fancy 'head scratcher' as his prize, but I think she had to take it back home with her and save it for the next Bunco party.

We had a house full, but we had a bunch of fun, too! Behind me is Bob, Eileen, Garrett, Garrett's Dad and sister, and Tina. What a fun time!

Dan, Lincoln and Bailey Powell posing with their 'v' is for victory sign!