Friday, January 30, 2009

An ecclectic collection of random happenings lately...

Well, I saw this poor little snow-bound penguin and it looked like he was signaling for help, so I just had to take his picture! Maybe by Spring we can dig him out!

This is how he looks to the neighbors... I hope they don't turn us in for 'decoration abuse'!

And here's a cute picture of Mylie Suzanne Reynolds when she was just over 12 hours old! Tytan LOVES to hold her, and he is being quite patient and sharing her with all of her admirers. I thought this was such a cute picture of the two siblings!

And here is the picture we took of our new do's with our camera that wouldn't download on Lindsay's computer. Aren't we a couple of dolls!?

And, one last picture of the famous 'musical clock' that is all folded up and taken to the dump now - but it was fun while it lasted! The kids still ask about it every-so-often. Onward!