Friday, August 29, 2008

You want me to do what???

Holy cow! What a morning! I got a phone call this morning that really revved up my heart rate! The school district called to see if I would agree to take on a long-term music sub job at Hayden Meadows school! I was set to sub for a few weeks for that teacher (who is new there since Mrs. Windisch retired last spring), but I had heard that her son was coming in to help for the semester. Well, he can't do it, so they asked me if I'd fill in for her...until January! Well, after consulting with Tamar and local music teacher Julie Powell, I decided to go for it. I had to cancel my sub job with Jerre Coleman at LCHS teaching French in October, and I'm sad about that, but it's going to be fine. Julie Powell is sure I can do it! The poor teacher has just been diagnosed with cancer and is hoping to be over the hard part of therapy by January. I'll sure be praying for her, too! I guess we'll see if I really am 'Gramma Jamma' after all!

Monday, August 25, 2008


You have all probably seen our anniversary pictures by now, so you know that last Monday we spent the afternoon on the Hiawatha trail and had a picnic lunch. Well, here's the 'rest of the story'.
On the way home Dad suggested that we go to a new Italian restaurant for dinner. OK, but I wasn't hungry yet since we'd had a late lunch, so my mind started working, and I said "we can ride our bikes to the restaurant (it's by Albertsons, so not too far...) and then we can bike up to Zips and have a dip cone for dessert!" Well, we finally came to the conclusion that we didn't need to have 'real' dinner, and since we are adults now, we opted for having dip cones for dinner instead! Good thing we didn't ride our bikes, though, because Zip's doesn't sell them anymore, so we had to go all the way to Dairy Queen to get them!
Tuesday was pretty busy with golf and Coeurimba practice that lasted until about 10:00 since we were preparing for TWO gigs in one week! Then, Wednesday was spent having a massage and cleaning house. Thursday I played about 6 holes of golf before we got rained out, ran out to the fair grounds for our first gig of the week and we got 'rain delayed' twice (both times having to quickly dismantle the instruments and run with them for cover from the rain and hail into the poultry barn!) Then, we picked up Sarah and Josh (our adopted young adult kids - since we don't have any of our own here in town...) and went to dinner at Bonsai and then to see Les Miserables at NIC. That was great! Darcy Wright was Eponine and she did a great job! It was really fun to see her.
Friday I baked cupcakes for Brad and Jessie's reception and then got ready to leave for Pullman in the afternoon. We got to the hotel about 5:30 and then walked through the lentil festival and got some food and had ice cream for dessert. Tina actually got a whole scoop of lentil ice cream! She let us taste it and we were glad that we'd gotten more traditional flavors....
Saturday we got ready for our gig in the park and we realized we were pretty much the main event musically speaking. That was fun! We played for two hours and had a great time! Then we packed up and headed up to CdA. I got home just in time to get ready for Brad and Jessie's reception and it was really a nice time! The weather was beautiful and we sat in the back yard and had hot dogs and chips and cup cakes! It was really fun. I think we were the last group to leave - we stayed quite a bit past dark!
Yesterday was Stake Conference and it was nice, too. Lots of good messages - a few that hit a little too close to home, so we have to be humble and accept the counsel from our leaders! Then we pretty much spent the day with Alan and Sandy and Brad and Jessie and TJ eating left over hot dogs and cup cakes! But it was all good. Then we played up & down the river and watched the closing ceremonies from the olympics. Good week.
Here we go again: it's Monday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 31st anniversary, and we decided it would be fun to take a bike ride in Montana and Idaho! This is the coolest trail - we recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors! Check out these pictures! Here is the end of the 2 mile Taft tunnel. It was DARK, wet and pretty cold - but it felt good in the 90+ degree weather! This was really cool, but next time we do this, we are taking our own lights! The ones we rented weren't quite good enough, but we managed to make it through to....
...This beautiful sight! A pretty waterfall that sounded as good as it looks. Of course, the camera can't quite capture the absolute beauty of the place, but this is a good representation anyway!

And just below the waterfall was this pretty stream. We looked down on it and had to take another picture!

Just another 'ho-hum' scene from the trail.... WOW!!!
Didn't I marry one handsome dude? He is so good looking that he made the background look good!
And WHAT A BABE! (that's a quote from Dad...) This is while we were both still relatively clean!

Cool picture of the end of yet another tunnel. There were several on this trip of varying lengths!
This picture was taken on one of the many trestles we biked across. This trail was built over the old "Milwaukee Road" train tracks. Since the train doesn't run anymore, they made it into a bike trail, and it is SO COOL!If you look through the trees you can see a picture of one of the trestles that we crossed. And below is a clearer picture of that same trestle. Can you believe we biked across it? The view was just stunning!
And here I am at the bottom of the trail - slightly dusty but still ready to dig into the pic-a-nic basket full of sandwiches, veggies and fruit that we'd carried with us the whole way down the trail!
And here is the handsome man I married after getting off the shuttle bus and going back up through the tunnel where we'd started so we could get to our car. The second time through the tunnel it didn't seem so dark and dangerous, so we went fast enough to get a good sized mud stripe up Steve's back!
Truly, you all NEED to make this trip. It was fun and beautiful!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lookie what I found!

When I got home from church this afternoon my neighbor was outside and said 'hello', so we started talking since we hadn't seen eachother for a while. Well, pretty soon, I heard a 'buzzing' sound, and I looked around, and there was a humming bird flying really close by my head. I looked, and the bird was hovering by a tiny nest in a tree limb not a yard to the left of my head! And, inside the nest, there were TWO baby humming birds! Well, I ran into the house and got my camera to take a picture, but when I got back there was only one baby in the nest. But I waited patiently and sure enough, the other one came back, and here it is, hovering next to the nest. How cool is that? I went out just now - at dusk - to see if I could get another picture - and I got a good one, but I can't get it to download onto the computer. Where's Riley when I need him?
Anyway, cool pictures. But if I can get that other one to upload, I'll include it, too!