Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 31st anniversary, and we decided it would be fun to take a bike ride in Montana and Idaho! This is the coolest trail - we recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors! Check out these pictures! Here is the end of the 2 mile Taft tunnel. It was DARK, wet and pretty cold - but it felt good in the 90+ degree weather! This was really cool, but next time we do this, we are taking our own lights! The ones we rented weren't quite good enough, but we managed to make it through to....
...This beautiful sight! A pretty waterfall that sounded as good as it looks. Of course, the camera can't quite capture the absolute beauty of the place, but this is a good representation anyway!

And just below the waterfall was this pretty stream. We looked down on it and had to take another picture!

Just another 'ho-hum' scene from the trail.... WOW!!!
Didn't I marry one handsome dude? He is so good looking that he made the background look good!
And WHAT A BABE! (that's a quote from Dad...) This is while we were both still relatively clean!

Cool picture of the end of yet another tunnel. There were several on this trip of varying lengths!
This picture was taken on one of the many trestles we biked across. This trail was built over the old "Milwaukee Road" train tracks. Since the train doesn't run anymore, they made it into a bike trail, and it is SO COOL!If you look through the trees you can see a picture of one of the trestles that we crossed. And below is a clearer picture of that same trestle. Can you believe we biked across it? The view was just stunning!
And here I am at the bottom of the trail - slightly dusty but still ready to dig into the pic-a-nic basket full of sandwiches, veggies and fruit that we'd carried with us the whole way down the trail!
And here is the handsome man I married after getting off the shuttle bus and going back up through the tunnel where we'd started so we could get to our car. The second time through the tunnel it didn't seem so dark and dangerous, so we went fast enough to get a good sized mud stripe up Steve's back!
Truly, you all NEED to make this trip. It was fun and beautiful!


GiGi said...

Awesome pics you guys! What a fun way to celebrate your 31 years together. In these days that is such an accomplishment! Thanks for being our friends! We love you! Alan and Sandy

Porter Family said...

Dad, did you have a wee poopie accident?? Just kidding. We're glad you've been married so long and that you were able to make it from Montana to Idaho. Congratulations. Oh, and Payson loved the tunnels!!