Friday, August 29, 2008

You want me to do what???

Holy cow! What a morning! I got a phone call this morning that really revved up my heart rate! The school district called to see if I would agree to take on a long-term music sub job at Hayden Meadows school! I was set to sub for a few weeks for that teacher (who is new there since Mrs. Windisch retired last spring), but I had heard that her son was coming in to help for the semester. Well, he can't do it, so they asked me if I'd fill in for her...until January! Well, after consulting with Tamar and local music teacher Julie Powell, I decided to go for it. I had to cancel my sub job with Jerre Coleman at LCHS teaching French in October, and I'm sad about that, but it's going to be fine. Julie Powell is sure I can do it! The poor teacher has just been diagnosed with cancer and is hoping to be over the hard part of therapy by January. I'll sure be praying for her, too! I guess we'll see if I really am 'Gramma Jamma' after all!


Porter Family said...

I'm glad you got that gig, mom. You'll do a great job! Payson says to tell you:
Dear Gramma,
Thank you for the candy. I love the plates, too. I love them. I love FACES preschool. It's summertime. I saw Mrs. McDonald at my school. It's a very busy time. I get to go to school. And we'll have fun playing and jumping. See ya. Payson

I have no idea what he's talking about with the candy and plates thing. Sometime he just makes up stuff. :)

Marilyn & Steve said...

Well, that's good to know, because I was wondering if Cindi had sent him something and I got credit for it....

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Because I am so excited to comment on your new position, I have to admit that I am a blog stalker. I happened upon you through Meagan.
Wyatt loves Mrs. Windisch and has been so sad that she is gone. Today he came home, layed his head on the table and was again in tears that she is gone. He will be soooo excited to hear that you will be his music teacher for a while. Get ready, Mrs Woodworth has dubbed him her resident hugger!