Thursday, December 25, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

The view from the front door - even deeper than last year! And it's STILL SNOWING! The only bad part was that we couldn't fly out on Monday, so we aren't in Philly right now.... Oh, well. It was a white Christmas, and we have had a nice, quiet time together with Darbye. The view from the back door...

I got a couple of musical gifts from Dad - this is my new guitar strap. And Darbye printed off some easy guitar carols for me to practice!

AND! I got two sets of really nice marimba mallets! REALLY nice ones! I've already used them to figure out how to play Silent Night - WITH harmony! They really sound great, so it's fun to use them.


Porter Family said...

That snow must be hip deep. Crazy! I can't believe it! Nice job Dad on the new musical stuff!