Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"what time is it?"

It's time to prepare for the next week of school! It's really a good thing I didn't wait to start on this giant clock until Saturday, because I know now that I never would have gotten it finished in time for class on Monday! Here it is in it's nearly finished state... And here it is practically ready to go! I need Dad to load it up and take it to the church tonight so I can set it up and see if it actually will stay standing... It's too tall to stand up in the house, and too COLD to try it outside, so the church is the next best place that I can think of! All it needs to make it complete is the "Griffitts Clock Works" logo on the clock face. Then it will be all done!
Oh, yeah - I made this for the kids at school to dance to a piece of 'clock music' that has at least 4 different sections, (like section 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D') so they can learn about form in music. I thought this would make it more fun - but the tall kids are going to have to really scrunch down to fit through those doors! It's been fun to make it, though. It really ended up coming out pretty much how I imagined it! That's a first!

It's also 'time' that gramma got some new jammies! Grampa thought it would be fun to open these for a Christmas Eve present in Pennsylvania so the girls would be happy that I got some
jammies. Well, we weren't there, so I just opened them on Christmas and wore them to Alan and Sandy's for dinner! They sure are cosy!


Porter Family said...

How'd the clock work? Have you even gone back to school yet with all the snow? We miss you guys!