Friday, April 9, 2010

Read it on my blog or do without!

I have tried to figure out how to 'post' anything on my facebook page, and I simply cannot figure out how to let people know anything at all! So, read it here or go without news from me. I'm old. Deal with it.

Last night we had our "Julie Johnson Jamboree" at Lake City High School. You can see pictures on the Coeur d'Alene press web site. (Dad took some, but I don't know how to get them off his new camera...) Anyway, our kids performed "Mutiwambuya" and it was really fun: rhythm sticks, djembes, marimbas, "Boomfloppers", chanting, singing and a big, loud "GO, GO, GO TEMA!" that shook the rafters and ended perfectly with not a sound happening after! It was the coolest dramatic moment! The audience sat stunned for a couple of seconds before they burst into applause!
The rest of the evening was just as cool with each chorus performing really great and quite varied music. There were other marimbas, an electric guitar (by a 4th grader who is already a virtuoso on the guitar!!!) and a drummer (Garret Knotte who is also a member of Couerimba who is in 7th grade!) Anyway, a really cool night. Lots of fun.
That's my news - now I'm going to plan next week's lessons!


Porter Family said...

Awesome! I think you're doing a fantastic job trying to manage both the blog and facebook. Seriously, just give me your password and I'll help out. You can link your blog from facebook. Lucky you have such intelligent and computer savvy kids to help you out in times of crisis! :) 1 month 'till the praxis!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!