Tuesday, October 2, 2007

And last, but not least, a trip to IKEA!

Well, we didn't remember to take a picture of the IKEA store, but this is better! We got almost a new room out of our trip! New curtains and matching bedding! Cute, huh?
See how tastefully the comforter cover compliments the bolster pillow and the accent pillows? And the bolster pillow is the same fabric as the curtains!
And how about that cool shag rug under the coffee table??? Are we uptown now, or what!!! Lookin' good in the 'hood!


The Crebs Family said...

You guys have the most inviting, cute guest room...careful that might be too much to resist for your moocher kids!! My friend always told me to have an uncomfortable bed for your guest rooms, so no one stays too long!! :) It is really cute, and I like the new rug too!