Tuesday, October 2, 2007

On the road to Tilamook, Oregon. Spectacular scenery, and LOTS of wild blackberries.
Who can go to the Tillamook Cheese factory and NOT get a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch??? Then we toured the Cape Mears lighthouse, and came back for dessert - a two scooper of fresh Tillamook icecream! YUMMY!
This is the Cape Mears lighthouse. It is really an interesting piece of engineering and art all rolled into one. What an amazing piece of history. We climbed up inside and listened to the story of the lighthouse by a volunteer guide while standing up where the light is! Cool, huh!
This beautiful shoreline is what the lighthouse was protecting the sailing vessels from. The lighthouse is behind me from where this picture was taken.
This is the 'octopus' tree. Named because of it's unusual shape. It stands a few hundred feet inland from the Cape Mears lighthouse. We had to go hike up and take a picture!