Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Sweet Violet"

In order to get our grandchild 'fix' for the month we borrowed little Violet for the day Saturday while her mommy and daddy were moving to their new home. Her mom is my masseuse and needed a little help since Violet thought she was in charge of a little too much of the moving process! We needed a little grandkid time, and she had started calling me grandma on Friday - and even volunteered to let me change her diaper during dinner - so how could I refuse? We had a great time, and the move went smoothly, so it was a win/win/win for all of us!

Here is little Violet eating her lunch of peanutbutter and jelly, apples, oranges (she really liked oranges) and cottage cheese. Only one thing on the plate at a time, though! Another interesting habit is for her to taste and then spit out the first bite of EVERYTHING and then go right ahead and eat all the rest... She loved to read, but only for short snatches at a time.
Jammin' on the marimba was a hit - in more ways than one!
She really enjoyed the walk with Grandpa! Outside is a favorite place for Violet.
But, after a long walk, and an even longer nap, a girl can work up a healthy appetite, so we needed a little cupcake time!


Porter Family said...

Mom, she's gorgeous! She fits right in to the grandkid rule of they have to be cute, so tell Sarah she's a keeper. Glad someone is there to give you a grandkid fix!

Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

What a cute little girl! How fun that you got to play grandma and grandpa. Sarah is the best massage therapist ever! I want another massage!