Sunday, March 30, 2008

Texas, my Texas!

I can't believe it has taken me 7 years to get back here! That will NEVER happen again!
Friday was mystery reader day - Monica dahling was the mystery reader in Caki's class, so we had lunch with the twins first, then off to the classroom for reading "Fancy Nancy". Monica even brought 4 of the gaudiest, sparkliest rings I've ever seen, so she could wear them while reading the 'fancy' story! It was great!
Here we are in the lunch room with Caki, Sami, Monica, Teresa and John. I took the picture, but you already know what I look like...
Monica was the consessions lady at Sami's game Friday evening. I thought she looked lovely there, even though she wasn't wearing her fancy rings for this job! I did help her with fixing the drinks for the team for after the game - they won, by the way!
Here is Caki with her package of Doritos. She knows how to watch a baseball game - get a snack and walk around visiting all of your friends, and all the people who are walking friendly-looking dogs! The time just zips by!
Farid really tried to let us be in charge of taking the pictures, but after only 3 shots, he asked for the camera for himself so he could get some good ones. Here he is taking a picture of me taking a picture of him!
And here is a picture of 'Slammin' Sami' getting ready to really whop one out of the park! (well, not out of the park, but he did get to first, and his team DID win!)
As soon as I get Farid to download the other pictures I've taken, you'll see 'the villa' where I'm staying - it's WONDERFUL - and pictures of Saturday's game, and lots of other fun stuff! I'm really enjoying myself here. I don't want it to end. I love you all!
Gramma Jamma!


Tamar and Trevor said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun. Soak up some extra sun just for me!

Porter Family said...

I love Aunt Monica's hair that length. It is so cute! The twins are so old! I can't believe it has been so long since you have been there. I sure miss everyone just looking at the pictures. Have fun this week.