Saturday, July 12, 2008

1-2-3 NOT IT!

Well, good news/bad news! Gramma Jamma will NOT be appearing in the local community theatre production of Nunsense after all. The good news is that not only does this free up more of my summer schedule and allow me to visit with my sisters in Tahoe in September to plan our reunion, but I have also added at least one new skill to my ever-increasing repertoire of tricks: I can whistle with 4 AND 2 fingers in my mouth. I must confess, I'm still working on learning how to do more than just spit when I try the one-handed two-finger whistle... but it will come! I'm about 85% successful with the other two versions, however!
The bad news is that no one will ever have the opportunity to watch me sing "I just wanna be a star" on stage in a nun's habit. Oh well, I guess the world will just have to keep waiting for that one. But it would have been good.
I'll see you in the funny papers!
Gramma Jamma!


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

I would have voted for you! Congrats on the whistling though, that will come in handy with the unruly ladies on the golf course! :)

Tawni-Ryan said...

Aunt Marilyn! I hope your trip was a good one. That was a cute little note Abby wrote. You guys are amazing!