Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I did for my Summer Vacation

***OK, I don't have this blog thing down really well yet... that should be obvious due to the fact that my background, though cute, doesn't change each week with a new and totally creative theme. I'm doing good to get pictures posted at all - and these are NOT in the order I intended them to be...
If you want to know what I've done for the past 3 months, start at the bottom of this post and work your way up - sort of. Each 'all caps' heading is part of a new adventure. I started at the bottom in May, and worked my way all the way through today in Philly. Good luck...

AND HERE I AM AGAIN IN PHILLY PLAYING WITH THE GIRLS! This is how we entertain ourselves while we are at home all day while 'dad' is off at school and 'mom' is in the hospital taking care of herself. We play "Fancy Nancy" and dress up as Nancy and her pretend dog (who is actually her little sister). We tried to be authentic to the book, except instead of using black permanent marker for Abby's doggy nose, we used grandma's eyebrow pencil...
Don't you just love the 'sock' ears on this cute puppy? And did you notice the pink boa tail?
And how about the fancy duds on this version of Nancy? Actually, this is princess Emma of Andorra (the part of Philly where this extension of the Griffitts live). The other picture is of Princess Abby of Andorra pretending to be a cute puppy!
And here is the whole royal family - King Trevor, Queen Tamar and the Princesses Emma and Abby. So far, so good! (The Queen Mum took the picture...)

Here she is blowing out the twisty candles on her very special fresh raspberry/lime cake! YUM-O Of course we had to take the kids - and a few friends and mommies - to Grant's farm to see the animals. These little creatures were a bit shy... But the llamas are pretty self-assured!
And the camels figured out that they could get treats, so they got friendly...
And Bud got a job, so we celebrated with some custard for the rest of us, and a gigantic banana split for Bud! (yes, that's a loaf pan!)

Ashlyn liked the ice cream pretty well...

And Payson thought it was "finger-lickin' good"!

NEXT, COEURIMBA PLAYED THE FOR THE FIRST KPBX KID'S CONCERT OF THE SEASON. We played at Riverpark Square right under the clock tower for a large crowd of kids and their parents. It was a hot, fun day in the park!

FIRST WE WENT TO PHILADELPHIA FOR TREVOR'S WHITE COAT CEREMONY MAY 9TH Here is Trevor with his new white coat with his name on the front! It's official - he survived the first two years of dental school! Notice the wide smiles on both Trevor and Tamar!
We were also there to celebrate Mother's day. Nice!
And Grandpa got a little reading time with Abby. Life doesn't get better than this!


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

Wow mom...you have a great life! Philly and back, and everywhere in between! It was nice of you to take Dad to Philly with you the first time :) You look like you are having a blast with the Fancy Nancys! Way to go Grams!