Sunday, July 27, 2008

more posts for Rob!

Water balloon toss at the ward picnic. Emma isn't so sure she likes to play catch with a water balloon! The sack race was fun, but a little strange using plastic bags that tended to blow out at the feet about half way around the tree!
And our team came in second in the egg-white whipping race! Go, team!
Does it look like Abby likes to swing? The higher the better!
Emma is all smiles here! Higher, Grandpa!


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

I love all the pictures! This is great! I love the mani pedi in the hospital. What a great mom! We are so jealous and we wish that we were there to party too! Love you all!

Rob & LInder said...

WOW They are some great swingers. Somebody really enjoyed themselves. I am so glad that they are having a good time. We miss you all.