Thursday, July 31, 2008

QUICK trip to Rexburg...

Well, after getting home from Philadelphia on Monday, I vowed I wouldn't travel for a while. However, after seeing my hair in the mirror I became desperate, so I called my friend Janet Shirts and asked if she was willing to take a quick 7 hour drive to Rexburg to get our hair done by Lindsay. (I happen to know 2 important things about Janet: 1. She won't let anyone but Lindsay cut her hair - unless she gets really desperate, and then she does it herself, usually with disasterous results! and 2. She had already done her own hair twice since Lindsay had done it last, so she was in need of a 'fix'.) She was agreeable to the journey, so we left for Rexburg at 2:00 Wednesday afternoon - I'd talked to her about it at 12:45... - and we arrived at 10:00 PM Rexburg time. *Remember, we loose an hour going to Rexburg from here... This is a picture of Ava getting the request for services from Janet and me.
This is a picture of Ava checking Lindsay's schedule to see if she could fit us in on Thursday morning. Good luck! She had room for both of us! (she also let us use the couch and floor on Wednesday night!)
And this is the final result of Lindsay's work. I feel MUCH better about public appearances now! I don't have a 6" wide stripe of grey down the middle of my head! I'll have to see her again before I go to Tahoe! Janet looks good, too, we just didn't think about getting a picture of her before we parted ways this afternoon! (we arrived back in Hayden at about 7PM Thursday evening!)


Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

We enjoyed the nice trip! I love how you took the picture in the prettiest bathroom in the house! :) Memories... Glad we'll get to see you soon in SLC!