Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit to Rexburg

We got to see Lindsay, Riley and Ava this weekend. I got here first on Thursday - after a long day flying and waiting.... Got on one plane in Spokane, got off that one (Seattle was fogged in, so we got re-routed to Portland) and after I finally got on the plane to Portland, as they were closing the door the handle fell off (!) and we had to wait for a mechanic to repair it before we could take off... then, I figured out in Portland that I was going to get to SLC too late for the noon bus to Rexburg. Well, I had to call to let them know not to wait for me and put me on the 3:00 bus. I figured I'd be sitting waiting for a while in Salt Lake. Well, no need to wait for long! I couldn't find my luggage (neither could Southwest), so I had to go to the office to report that, so that took up lots of my sitting and waiting time! But, they couldn't get it on the next bus to Rexburg, so I borrowed Lindsay's jammies for Thursday night (Abby should like knowing that I had more than one pair of jammies for this trip, thanks to Lindsay!) Then, they called me to tell me that they had my luggage, but the driver left without it on Friday at noon, so they'd get it on the 3:00 bus, so I FINALLY got my luggage Friday night at 7!
Grandpa got here while I was getting my hair done on Friday. Then we went out to dinner with Riley and Lindsay and Ava at a place called the Hard Hat Restaurant. The food was really good, but we were most impressed with the dessert we didn't buy! It was called a Skyscraper Chocolate cake. It was 7 (yes, SEVEN!) layers high! One slice was enough to feed all four of us! It was truly HUGE! Yes, I realize I said we didn't buy any, but we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner for Saturday so we could justify buying a slice of cake for dessert on Saturday.
Before we went out for lunch/dinner on Saturday, Ava got car sick, so we took her to the hotel and cleaned her up, but Lindsay had so many bags to bring for the trip, she'd forgotten the diaper bag, so while Ava was soaking in the jetted tub at the hotel, Grandpa and Riley went to the store to get diapers. They came back with diapers, wipes, jeans, a pink tee shirt and this cute pink dress!
All-in-all it was a good day! Plus, we went to Rexburg to eat the cake and play up and down the river, and Grandma WON the game! Woo-hoo! Good trip to Rexburg!


Porter Family said...

Oh my freak. Trust the grandpa to get it done the way it really needs to get done. Way to go dad on the dress. That is seriously cute. We sure miss you and are glad you had fun. Good grief, Ava's gorgeous!!

Porter Family said...

Hey, you have to read the comment section on my post entitled I need a life. Some very nice things were said about you two...

Marilyn & Steve said...

I just read the comments - been working like a one-armed paper hanger since getting home Monday night! Anyway, whatever your friends want, they can have! Flattery always works on me!
Gramma Jamma!